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Campaign Progress

Campaign Progress

The capital campaign follow-through team provides ongoing updates on our progress. The most recent update can be found below.

Contributions received vs. pledges

We are making great progress in fulfilling our pledges!  As of February 13, 2022, we’ve received approximately $607,000 of the $1,791,000 pledged. This leaves our remaining pledges at $1,184,000.

Capital Campaign Graphs_feb_12-Pledges

Total funding available for our search

Between pre-campaign savings ($100,000), total pledges ($1.79 million) and potential loan ($1.8 million), CRC has approximately $3.69 million in current and future funding available for our search. The Facility Search Team estimates needing between $2.5 - $7.5 million to purchase a suitable property, depending upon a variety of factors.  

Capital Campaign Graphs_feb12-funds

Let's keep praying and trusting that the Lord will provide the right facility for our church and the resources with which to acquire it!

Facility search team update

A team has been established to help lead our facility search. Led by Doug and Evie Swenson, the team also includes Robin Jacqmein, Jennifer Levitt, Dana and Rosa Maendel, Chad Schlemmer and Cory Vowles. Recently the team selected a commercial broker who will work with Dana and Rosa Maendel and the team to identify potential properties.  The Facility Search Team will provide updates on their progress along the way.


Contact Stephen Shealy or any of the CRC pastors.