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The South Washington Co school district has implemented a temporary face mask requirement for all of their renters —which include us. 

Given our rental agreement, we will now need to wear face masks during our time inside East Ridge High School on Sundays for the next few weeks. As of now, this will only impact the next three Sundays (Jan 16, 23, 30). That could change, of course. But, the news as of now is that the requirement will be lifted on Feb 1st. 

So, please do remember to bring a face mask with you to wear for the next few Sundays ( from 4 years old and up). 

We will carry on with our Sunday routine in all other ways as usual. The only change for us is the mask requirement. Our Sunday programming is not impacted by the District news in any other way at this point. So, we’ll continue on with our nursery, children's devotional, and our Sunday classes for kids, youth, and adults.