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"Barabbas and Me"

There's a good post over at the Desiring God blog about a character in the "Passion Story" who we might not consider often enough, and, what he might have to do with us. It's a good message to think through during this "Holy Week" and in light of Pastor Brett's sermon last Sunday related to the bloody cross.

David Mathis writes:

Year after year, as Christians walk through the Passion week with Jesus, our hearts are knit to him. He is our greatest hero, at the climax of his greatest feat. As we relive the story with him, we pull for him, and against his enemies.

We feel varying levels of disdain for Judas who betrays him, Peter who denies him, the chief priests who despise him, Herod who mocks him, the people who call for his crucifixion, Pilate who appeases the mob and washes his hands, and Barabbas who is guilty but gets to go free.

But wait. Barabbas — the guilty who goes free? Barabbas — the sinner released to new life while the death he deserves is paid by an Innocent Substitute?

Take careful note of where Luke is leading us in his carefully crafted narrative.

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