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Raise Them Up

What might it mean to raise up our children “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Eph.6:4)? Robert Plummer has a helpful article on the subject in theJournal of Family Ministry. Here are some excerpts (emphases mine):

“In one setting, a father might fulfill Ephesians 6:4 by sharing the stories about Jesus that he himself has learned orally while he and his son work side-by-side in a field. In another setting, a father might warn or encourage his daughter via a timely text message sent to her cell phone. In yet another time or place, a father might employ puppets or songs or a family project to present the truths of the Bible in a creative and winsome manner. The biblical principle of Ephesians 6:4 allows a broad range of possible expressions. What remains the same, regardless of context or culture, is that God has called parents-and particularly fathers-to function as primary faith-trainers in their children’s lives...

“As in Paul’s letter to Ephesus, early Christian writers do not provide specific examples of how children must be instructed. Yet the basic obligation remains clear. Just as the earliest Christians in the post-New Testament period found different ways to convey the faith to their children, so today, believers in varying cultures and with diverse educational backgrounds will find different ways to convey the gospel to their children in winsome and faithful ways.”

Read the whole article in PDF.