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Church Planting


TCT-logoWe are a part of a church planting network known as Treasuring Christ Together (TCT). The TCT network represents churches planted out of Bethlehem Baptist Church (Minneapolis) since 2003, along with other churches which have since partnered with the network, sharing it's mission and vision. 

TCT Mission

Our mission is to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ by starting, growing, and multiplying churches.

In the course of this mission, we aim to collaborate with like-minded church planters, leaders of new and existing churches, and leaders of other like-minded networks and denominations.

TCT Vision

In dependence upon God’s grace, our vision for the future is to see:

Missional churches that are making a significant impact through the gospel of Christ within their own communities and among ethnically diverse people groups.

Growing churches that are relentless in making the gospel known through effective evangelism and gospel-centered discipleship resulting in saving faith and spiritual transformation of individuals, families, and communities.

Global churches transforming not only their communities but also their region, nation and world through gospel proclamation and deeds of mercy and justice.

Networked churches working together, regionally and nationally, to recruit, train, and coach new church planters in partnership with leaders of existing churches, in order to multiply the planting of churches.

Please visit the TCT website for more information on the network itself, and for a current listing of all partner churches.