We're happy to offer classes on Sunday mornings for children, youth, and adults. Classes run 9-10:15am. We do not have classes during the summer months.


Our Sunday classes are offered over two semesters. Each semester consists of approximately 14-16 Sundays/lessons. The first semester begins in September and ends in December with a break for no classes on Thanksgiving weekend. The second semester generally begins in January and ends in May, with 2-3 breaks, including Easter Sunday.

Children (4 years old through 5th grade)

Our children's classes are using a curriculum called the Gospel Story for Kids.
This curriculum helps kids to see that “the Bible is one story with Jesus as the hero,” and it “focuses on Christ as it teaches preschool through [fifth-grade] children key stories from [all of the Bible] that highlight God’s plan of redemption” through both the Old and New Testaments.

“Corresponding materials in The Gospel Story Bible, Old Story New and Long Story Short allow parents to follow up with the same lesson at home.”

For more information on our Sunday classes for kids, contact Brian Vance (brian.vance@crcmn.church).

Students (6-12 grade)

We offer one combined class for students in grades 6-12. Topics of study vary.

For more information on our Sunday class for youth, contact our Youth Director, Zach Mashburn (zach.mashburn@crcmn.church).


Our Sunday Classes for adults have varied over the years.

Currently (winter and spring 2024), we are running what we call our “Community Class.” This class will take some of the time each week to discuss select biblical and theological topics, as well as to reinforce our church’s mission, vision, and values (Gospel. Community. Mission.). Still, much of our time each week will be devoted to community-building and fellowship. We’ll have coffee and refreshments. This would be great choice really for anyone –anyone who is not involved in a Life Group, or those who might be newer to our church family and would like to get to know us better, as well members who are not typically involved in a Sunday class.

Discipleship Track (resuming in the fall, 2024)

Since the summer of 2021, we've been framing up our definition of a "disciple" with the words Be, Learn, and Become… A disciple of Jesus is one who spends time Being with Jesus, Learning from Jesus, and Becoming like Jesus. 

And in light of those ideas, like a vine might use a trellis structure to grow, our Discipleship Track is a type of discipleship trellis. We intend for it to be a three year pathway to help us grow up to become ever more like Jesus, by learning from him, in communion with him. 

This class is on pause right now, making way for our “community class.” It will resume in the fall of 2024, picking up on “year 3” in the scope and sequence.  

Please don’t let the “three year” idea scare youYou can jump in anytime! The whole Track is made up of several smaller parts —class parts of 1-6 weeks— as we consider Being, Learning, and Becoming in light of the different concentric circle contexts of our lives (namely: our lives as individuals, our family life, our church family, our neighborhood and workplace, and the marketplace and world). Those blocks of weeks provide natural break points for you to join in or take a break depending on your schedule. 

For more information on these adult classes, contact Pastor Thomas Rydland (thomas.rydland@crcmn.church).