Membership in a local church is one of life’s most important decisions. The Bible assumes that individual Christians will be attached to a local, defined group of fellow Christians (known as a local church) to serve one another in various ways, and to be led and equipped by the pastors of that defined group, all under the Chief Pastor, Jesus Christ. 

Jesus asked the Father to unify his followers so that “the world may believe that you sent me” (Jn.17:21). The apostle Paul pleaded with the church to have “the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind” (Phil.2:2). In pursuit of such unity, we’ll ask members of CRC to agree on a few significant points: 1) Belief in Jesus, 2) agreement on various theological/biblical positions, and 3) commitment to life together according to our Church Covenant.

If you are looking for more information about Christ Redeemer Church, check out our CRC Basics Videos.

If you'd like to apply for membership with our church family, please print and fill out the application below and pass it off to one of our pastors on an upcoming Sunday morning.

The beliefs, positions, and commitments outlined in the following documents reflect a minimum to which all of our church members agree:

In addition to what's outlined in the documents above, our pastors (elders) joyfully embrace what's included in the following documents: