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Nursery Service Opportunities

Nursery Service Opportunities

God has blessed us with a lot of children at CRC! So it takes a lot of nursery volunteers to serve each other well. Please consider serving in some capacity on one of our teams.

If you would like to volunteer to serve in our CRC nursery once each month during our Sunday service, there are a few different ways in which you can be involved:

  • Team Leader (general responsibilities plus leadership/administration)
  • Caregiver (general responsibilities) 
  • Substitute / "on call" (substitute and willing to be called on last minute if extra nursery help is needed)
  • Teacher (leading Bible lessons, memory, etc.)
  • Music 

If any of these roles grabs your attention, pease complete an application linked below. In the interest of safety, our application includes some personal questions and a background check form. 

Minors are also welcome to serve in the nursery under specific guidelines and will be asked to fill out an application slightly different from the one we have for adults. Please contact us directly for an application geared specifically toward minors. 

CRC Adult Nursery Application