Small Group ministry is important to us at CRC! 

God's kingdom is best displayed when his people joyfully embrace his passions and priorities (i.e., his glory in the salvation of his people and their representation of him in the world) and pursue a lifestyle that reflects them - in family relations, neighborhood relations, in workplace relations, in friendships, in community involvement, etc. We think Small Groups will provide an essential means to see this joyful embrace and lifestyle actualized. 
They will be a major tool leveraged by the pastors to "exercise oversight" and "shepherd the flock" of CRC (1Pet.5:2). They will be an essential means to help CRC move from the mere hearing of God's word to the doing of that word (Js.1:22). That "doing" will include upbuilding fellow Christians (e.g., Heb.3:12-13, 10:23-26) and working to see others "saved" and enjoying the fellowship of Christ as well (cf. 1Cor.9:22, 10:33, 2Cor.5:20).

Serious and important stuff.

For a not-so-serious look at small groups, enjoy the video linked below!

Shallow Small Group