I would encourage you to read The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler and Jared Wilson when you can. 

We've talked about "missional," "go and tell," "salt and light," "think B.I.G." living through various means in the short life of our young church. According to Chandler/Wilson, the missional mindset is "believing and living as if God's reconciling work is true in every space we find ourselves in" (p.152). Live in society intentionally as "agents of gopsel reconciliation" (p.149).

For example: 

"...when we look at our jobs, for instance, no matter what our job is, we view it not as our purpose in life but rather as where God has sovereignly placed us for the purpose of making Christ known and his name great. If you are a teacher, if you ar a politician, if you are a businessman, if you are in agriculture, if you are in construction, if you are in technologhy if you are in the arts, then you should not be saying 'I need to find my life's purpose in this work,' but rather, 'I need to bring God's purpose to this work.' The missional Christian should see all things through the lens of the gospel, because the gospel's aim is 'all things'"(p.149, emphasis added).