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Archives for May 2011

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Emotional Suffering and the Cross

Jesus was brought to Golgotha and crucified. Nails were driven into is hands and feet, and then he was hung on a cross. I cannot imagine the pain. Prior to that he was lashed, spit on, struck, pierced with a wreath of thorns on his head, and forced to carry the lumber of his cross. Painful as it was, none of it was a surprise to Jesus. He taught that "the Son of Man must s...

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The Church is Important!

"Devotion to Jesus cannot be effectively implemented without a devotion to the local church." So says Dave Harvey ofSovereign Grace Ministries. The quote comes from a chapter of the book that our CRC small groups have been discussing twice a month since February -Why Small Groups?Chapter 7 puts an exclamation point at the end of a book about the what and why of small grou...

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What's The Bible About?

I recently saw a church's upcoming sermon series advertised in a coffee shop. Part of the ad implied that the particular Bible chapter they'd be covering is about "help for how to live life when life gets you down." Now, it's true that God uses the Bible to help us live life. However, that's not what it's about... not mainly. Don't get me wrong, God certainly offers help ...

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Snowballing Comfort and Joy

We are loved by the "God of all comfort" (2Cor.1:3). Notice how he blesses his peoplethroughhis people by adding comfort to comfort and joy to joy. God comforted Paul, through Titus, through the Corinthians (2Cor.7:6-7). The Corinthians comforted Titus, who in turn comforted Paul. Paul was filled with joy, because Titus was filled with joy, because he was refreshed by th...

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